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All code explained below is available on my GitHub here

The problem

In this scenario your client wants some JSON representation modified from some integer to a string. A common example might be the sample response below:

In the above example, gendercan either be a 0for female, 1for male and 2for…

An effort to make my life a bit more easy

This isn’t my terminal, it’s just a picture of it.

To be honest, this will not be impressive to a lot of developers out there. But for me it was an acomplishment and a moment of learning as a developer that consistently feels slow to catch up, not to mention often intimidated & needed a way to ease his own…

And making it look more appealing than a boring list of repositories

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Did you know that if you create a Github repository with your username you can unlock a secret? Go on, give it a try! You’ll be pleasently surprised with this alert

Discord & Python 3.x programming

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At the time of this writing, it has been 7 months since the COVID19 pandemic had taken over the world. Making it harder for me & my group of friends to meet with each other. …

Looping through endpoints isn’t bad thing …. or is it?

(Disclaimer: Since I use Python 3 & Django on a daily basis i’ll be using snippets from them as examples.)

Since last year up until now i’ve been struggling with a concept of DRY coding. In a nutshell, “Do not repeat yourself”. So if you can find stuff that’s pretty…

Benjamin Lo

Full-Stack Engineer, at one time also officially labelled “Professional Badass”.

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